PC reinstall – the importance of setting the date correctly.

Today I had to do a Windows 7 re-install. Nothing new there. The PC was running very sluggish and it was time to wipe everything clean. So when it came time to set the date I incorrectly set the Meridiem Indicator, or period, to AM (2:30 AM) instead of PM (2:30 PM). This made the PC’s time 12 hours in the past. This has a great affect on online services such as LastPass and its kin XMarks. I noticed I couldn’t login to LastPass or sync bookmarks using XMarks via their respective FireFox add-ons. I knew the passwords I was entering were correct. So I then tried going to LastPass’s website and got this:


Oddly enough I recalled this same issue coming up on a recent Tech Guy podcast. Leo Laport’s recommendation was to check the system time and low and behold he was right! I then corrected the period to PM (2:30 PM) and everything was back to normal.